The only time you should ever call someone ugly is when you are addressing their attitude.

I can not take full credit

Black is a color.

It is not a identity. It is not a race. It is not a ethnicity. It does not represent my culture nor does it represent me in any way. It is a color and nothing more.

Same goes with the colors Brown, Red, White, Yellow, et cetera. Such a fallacy that the world adopted years ago should decease. If anything, people should wonder where this mindset came to be and why do they want to pass it to the posterity. People should once again see black, yellow or white as colors again, not as inaccurate assumptions to being a focus on skin color or a classification to race.

Search to discover who you are instead of how many misguided, uneducated individuals in this world sees you.

It is so easy for people to be negative, to scold or to judge, but would it hurt if people could be more positive? To encourage more, to be more sympathetic, to lend soothing words when someone needs it instead of harsh ones that can break a person down? Is it really that difficult for some in this world?

I cannot take much credit
August 6, 2013/10:29 a.m. (Reminder)
➟ Something I suggested to Tumblr by email a few months ago. I misaligned the boxes, but oh well. I requested this idea to make something to help people look at posts from previous days according to month or even year from when they followed a person. I thought it would be helpful for people like me who are not always here and would like to check what my followers posted without visiting their blog, but to check on my Dashboard (And to fill up the empty space on the sides). 
➟ On the right, I thought it would be a good idea there can be a feature to display a list of your followers and if you click their username, it’ll show just their posts so you can see what you missed or something. When I emailed the staff my idea, someone replied saying they would share it with the developers to see if they approve of the suggestion and that was back in early February.
I’m not sure if the new staff would agree with it since Yahoo owns Tumblr now, but I’ll resubmit the idea and see if they’ll consider it.

Being alone does not seem so bad anymore.

4:16 a.m
This may be a temporary feeling since people do change their mind about their decisions from time to time in the future.

Since mankind has been disappointing to me from my childhood years to present, I think it is best to not talk as much as I desire to for a while. I just fear every time I talk to someone new, I worry if I’ll end up finding another individual who’s dishonest, who is looking for a carnal request or a imbecile who say comments that’s incomprehensible or something offensive that upsets people on purpose .

I have meet some kind people offline and online, but I just do not feel close to them or it feels we have nothing in common at all. It left a empty and sometimes painful lonely feeling also, usually causing me to slowly stop speaking to them at times. I do try to keep in touch with some since I feel it’s polite to do so, though I wonder if my effort is pointless even though I do not feel connected with them or some revealed a part of their true personality that is a turn-off.

I’ve been told that you have to keep looking in better places or try to pray for a friend to come to you, but that leaves me thinking what if there’s someone who is not as they seem mixed in the good crowd (or what’s considered a better place in this world to) and as much as I want to pray, I’m quite afraid to.

Time alone would be probably best for me, so I can enjoy some me time to accomplish my tasks and not worry so much about whether if I’ll find a friend or not. I can always remind myself of this post if I ever feel lonely again.

I believe everyone in this world are students, for we are still learning about life, ourselves and each other.

There are teachers yes, but many teachers are still learning about many subjects and different types of information as well. There are many students, but very few teachers in my opinion. Every day should be seen as a learning process, whether if it’s seen important or not. We should push to continue growing, learning. To be a independent thinker, and wanting to do the rewarding experience of seeking and finding the knowledge themselves instead of wanting to be spoon-fed. Learn from our mistakes and other mistakes from people to avoid doing the same.

We must also help others learn, so many can better themselves and cycles can hopefully break. The only problem with this is will others realize this before mankind worsens even more?

We, the human race can never truly evolve to something good if we do not learn to let go of what is holding us back.

…Though even it would be fantastic to see that happen in this world, for people to see what they’re doing wrong and change for the better, stop judging and hurting others, it will never happen in this lifetime. There are too many people who enjoy holding onto their bad habits, their ignorance, their pointless hatred. Though I’ve written about this before blog, it still bothers me how the route of many people worldwide are becoming much worse than the previous generation: Less kindness, less compassion towards one another, lovers of mostly themselves, more separation, more violence, more ignorance. It’ll continue to happen also in greater levels, but it can decrease if people who need to chance would only wake up and do what’s right.

In this grassy field.

The sun says goodnight for now, for his shift is over.
When night comes to greet us, we’re loaned the stars that blanket the sky.
Earth sings in a soft whisper, the nocturnal communicates amongst themselves.
It’s a wonderful setting for you and I, as we rest here enjoy every second of our company.
Surrounded in a sea of grass and locked under your wing, I smile with glee to see tremendous love upon your face, as twinkles dance in your eyes.
You’re in a class of your own; a enigmatic mind with a serene, quiescent charisma.
You’re nourishment for my brain, inspiration that exalts the drive in me.
You put me at ease with your lips, from your comforting kisses to the tender speech that past through them.
You’re forever embedding in my heart, two halves coalesced into one.

Be understanding is a necessity to, as well as be slow to anger.

It feels this web of scheming deceit will never end.

Something just doesn’t sit right with me when it comes to how this system has wrapped and locked people in a terrible cycle. How conspiracies lie within corporations, companies that sell items that aren’t good for us, authorities, doctors, government etc. I can’t be the only one who sees or feels this way no?
I remember hearing an story on the news about how the venom of a snake (I’ve heard Asps and Copperhead snakes venom can do this) can help slow down cancer cells and even diabetes. The earliest I’ve so far found of someone mentioning this was 2001. I think it’s earlier than that though. Knowing that knowledge, how come many hospitals are not using that information in their research to help cure those who really need it? I really don’t want to completely believe that majority of doctors just want people to stay ill so they’ll continue putting money in their pockets, else they would be out of a job if people were living longer and healthier.
It is possible though, since learning about Sam Chachoua and Stanislaw Burzynski and their quest to bring methods that can help thousands of lives caused some frightening turmoil to come in their journey and tried to prevent them.

I wish people would wake up and realize this finally. If something as simple as snake venom can help slow down cancer cells and diabetes, how come that isn’t being used as much as chemotherapy and other treatments? We should question also if all the money donated to help find cures for many disease are going to that as well, because I’m sure not all of it is going to medicine. Perhaps my sister is right:

People eating drinking right, not reliant on medicine that contain many side effects today, not eating fast food, doing everything that keeps you healthy → Percentage of people getting sick and need to go to the hospital decreases → Doctors and companies that sell medicine lose money

Even though hospitals will never be truly vacant, doctors and businesses  knows that the cash will continue flow in and increase if people are filling up the hospital beds and keeping them open. That’s probably why so many items exist that can harm your health and monopolies of businesses are opening up to help find ‘cures’ and solutions. Who knows, I’m just speaking what’s on my mind right now.

The importance of knowing the ingredients of what is in food and other products

Thanks to my sister inspiring me to be more aware of what’s in the products we buy, I’m learning to research ingredients that are peculiar to me and not support that product if it’s harmful.

What’s on my mind is how many people actually researching what’s in their food, beverage, shampoo, lotion or even medication these days? People should want to know what they’re placing on and inside their body because the companies definitely won’t tell you (or even expect many people to ask or research to find out).

Another question I have in mind is why do certain companies and the FDA allows such ingredients such as

  • Sodium Silicoaluminate (is an acid salt comprising sodium, aluminum, silicon and oxygen.) I found this in the Betty Crocker cookie mix. Even though I’ve read mixed reviews about this salt, I wonder why this particular ingredient is in cookie mix in the first place.
  • FDA approves of feces, pus, blood and bacteria into pasteurized milk. Besides when it comes to pus since I’m reading many sites say people are confusing pus with somatic cells (which I’ve read that’s what pus is compromised from), the other listings appear to be fact so far.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a detergent that’s in many products such as car wash soaps, garage floor, shampoos, shaving creams, and bubble baths cleaners and engine degreasers.SLS strips the hair of its natural oils — often leaving it dry and brittle. I’ve heard it also badly irritated the eyes and can dry out your skin.
  • Mineral Oil is a very common petroleum used and it doesn’t moisturize your skin or hair as it promises. It can cause your skin break out as well.

Thanks with the assistance from my sister, researching some of the ingredients I’ve listed is inspiring me to expand my studying and hoping to learn more. There are many more ingredients that we need to look up and learn about and whether are they safe or harmful. If many more individuals were to analyze and learn about what they’re using as nourishment, grooming, hygienic purposes etc. and maybe stop using them, it can wake up those companies that allow such items into the many products we use.

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I wonder if the Ku Klux Klan will ever become illegal in the U.S.

… Or even in other countries that have this terrorist group reside in.

Hearing a report on the radio this morning about the KKK passing out fliers to regroup people to help establish “rights” for them on Martin King Jr.’s birthday, what concerned me about the report was the chief in that area stated they since what they’re doing is “non-threatening” or illegal, they’re free to do so and won’t make any arrests. I can get that it is not illegal (even though being the first terrorist group on this land should be), what I didn’t get was how come all of a sudden a group of intolerant bigots who teach hate and ignorance are considered non-threatening now.

All the crimes and murders this terrorist organization has done for years and still commit today, why are they still free to walk around? This is one question I really want to ask someone that.

Trying to continue to reprogram my mindset and become an understanding critical thinker.

That’s one of the activities I am currently trying to juggle along with handling the over-thinking, my video and drawing projects and other avocations.

I think it should be a necessity for everyone to do some self-reflecting and rethink about their lifestyle, their opinions, their comportment. I view everyone as students that are learning. We’re all students learning about the planet, ourselves, and each other still. We should strive to be better thinkers and analyze and observe all information and objects carefully. If only… if only.

I really want to be an effective thinker, emphasize on think.
I want to research facts that I know very little about.

I would love to improve my analyzing and reading skill. I tend to feel uninterested whenever I see a long message for some reason. I hope to keep resisting that.
I would like to challenge opinions and theories that give little to non supportive evidence.
I want to avoid leaning on my own understanding about something and look to other information that will give me a better intake on that subject.
Be more considerate of other people’s opinion, regardless if I find it utterly inane. Everyone will not share the same viewpoint and not think like you. We should also never force someone to think like yourself, but agree to disagree as a reasonable human being should. Respect one’s views and never talk down to someone for it (I’ll continue working on that).
Always remember to not to imitate the world’s way of thinking. Not every piece of information, point of view etc. out there is good to you.
I want to stray away from the know-it-alls, the individuals who’re blinded by that illusion of they’re intelligent and never wrong.

If only we, the human race can all do this together. What a change that would happen if we did.

This is a very important quote people should think about.  I personally feel we are all same, regardless of the difference of our appearance and we should coexist together peacefully. But yet, many in the world make this impossible due to differences or bigotry.