A blog is an online diary. Your personal timeline of listed content of your choice.

❥ I forgot the definition of the term blog long ago and remembered recently after checking the dictionary. Upon relearning that, I never thought I’d make a blog since there’s nothing really interesting to publish about me or any events that took place in my life. I do though want to look back on my past and past activities that I’ve done one day, so I have given this online diary some more thought. 

❥ When I joined on December 22, I didn’t expect to stay long since I joined out of curiosity due to the hype from other kids and hearing from others how it differs to other social network sites. To be honest, it pretty much does since there seems to be an increasing number of individuals here who treat the site as a race for popularity, by re-blogging various photos and wanting likes, promos and the most followers, straying away from the main point of a blog truly is. To each their own though, as it is the person’s choice after all on this site to do what they please, but I refuse to take apart of such a pointless, childish behavior. I don’t care for likes, followers nor popularity since that’s not what I’m here for.

❥ But besides all of that, I do like my own blog, since I’m shaping it into something memorable for me. I’m seeing it as a little of my life story in the form of a timeline. I do ponder on what it’ll be filled with in the future if I don’t desert it…

A minuscule diagnostic of me.

Not sure why, but I want this blog entry to be my about me. Maybe I’ll delete it in the future if I feel it’s out of place with the point of my journal of thoughts.

click here if you’re bored

☾ I won’t ever show my face on this site. That was a question I last received from someone on anonymous so that’s my answer. I have however, placed a picture of me on three sites I won’t display. You’re not missing anything so don’t worry.

Name & Age should be viewable on my page obviously

Weight/Height: Around 135lbs/165.1 cm

Likes & interests:

  • Drawing, reading, music, daydreaming, activities that will keep me productive
  • Learning new information
  • Intelligence. Since the lack of this has become rare, I find it really enjoying when a person actually has a thought in their head.
  • Electronic devices for fun inducement (i.e. video games)
  • Communication. I’m quiet on some days, but I do like talking and getting to know an individual. I may even be chatty if I feel I can trust you.
  • Helping people. One day I’ll hope to do so, with inventions I want to create or with donating.
  • Mysteriousness or anonymity. A highly revealing person just isn’t that interesting to me. I like mystery, something that will keep captivated.

Dislikes & turnoffs:

  • Extreme stupidity. It feels like it’s spreading like an airborne virus and it’s getting annoying. 
  • Profanity. I never liked using obscene language, & a message from someone on t.v. inspired me to not want to use it since they comment was ‘One who uses profanity constantly is nothing but an ignorant mind’. It’s so true.
  • [Behavior in] people. Rudeness, oversensitive, incompetent, exaggerating, generalizing, bigotry, callous, unfair favoritism, just plain intolerant. It all should disperse. It’s really hard to find a kind, humble silly samaritan.
  • Lust and gluttony. Overeating is never good & lust has plagued a lot of minds, caused many to be driven by their lions and do stupid stunts and gives bad examples regarding intimacy, self-image portrayal, and (sometimes) expectations of relationships and performances.
  • When an individual you wish to talk to ignores you or repeatedly forgets to reply back to you; one-word replies or lack of effort in a conversation.
  • Pointless emotions like anger, jealousy and sadness (e.g depression).
  • Loneliness, procrastination, laziness and fear itself. 
  • Money. The lust of it has caused great despair in the world for many lives. I wish it never existed to be honest.
Note to self: This has to be the last thing to re-blog for a while. This definitely goes through my mind a lot since I was a sapling.   


23 years, 8401 days.

The day of our birth will always be something special and a wonderful blessing to be thankful for, but celebrating the anniversary of my birth, my fruition seems aloof to me now. :|

My word, walking the planet for 8000+ days seems like a very long time to me and that’s not real long at all. I feel old, always have to be honest. I feel like an old soul what my mum and family would call it.

Well yeah, 5/6/1989. I detest birthday wishes since I’m no one special and I find it pointless spending money for a day out of the year just for your birthday when it can go to something useful, but I thank God that I was born on my favorite month and just to be alive in general. I don’t care for making a silly birthday wish, but if I chose to and it came true, I’d want to find a person I can call friend and my favorite people to converse with me for the day. 24 hours with a few of my favorite actor/actress/president and more would really make this arcanum truly happy. ~fin

Another fact about me when it comes to the right thing or communication.

Dancing on my temporal lobe.

  • Complexity is this girl’s second name.
  • Simplicity is seen as too revealing to the curious minds.
  • My furtive behavior and the clues I leave behind to see if people would notice from me are not obscure.
  • A frangible recluse who’s cautious around the clock, has to make sure the people she sees in these two pools is worthy of a cliché term that has a subjective meaning and same for me to them.
  • Regularly vocal, but missing the feeling of actual belonging and relation to a being.
  • Absence in communicating and your lack of effort leaves this docile voice silent.
  • My emotions are a roller coaster, fluctuating more than the sun and moon rising each day. They transition from my heart to my fingers and placed upon screen if not pass my lips. Such an random change goes unnoticed to the aloof or the unobservant.
  • Complexity is what is seen when their eyes try to appraise me, even if the signs are lain out in view for the world to see. Your misconceptions fall on apathetic ears for I’m more interested into someone who comprehends.
  • What I yearn for doesn’t take much of a second thought, even if I don’t voice it the way simple minds require.
  • Someone who truly sees me, my likes & dislikes, my breaking point, my prurience. Please never depart on my worst of days or feed me lifeless sentences or your one-word replies. Always hunger to converse with me when we always get the opportunity to speak.
  • I hope you’ll forgive me of my platitude energy, for I’m a pathetic wastrel and done nothing worth talking about in this life of mine. To still be intrigued with this dull existence with optimism, will leave me to suspire with happiness and as loyal as possible.
  • I hope you’re understanding of my personalized ranks of relationships since the title, which is friend, is to be given to only whom is worthy. It’ll burden me to be called such a word or to call you such a word if we lack knowledge and level feelings. 
  • So wary, always alert, pretty words and cute compliments are taken with a grain of salt. Actions will create a more solid mark within me, rather than your speeches that now hit at a miniscule level to me.
  • I hope whoever is my other half to me, will be understanding of my abstruse persona. Observant and swift to the way my speech changes. Reads between the lines and coy, but crafty. Knowing how difficult it is for me to be verbal and yet still remains with me and is attentive daily.
  • My task in being a better companion is improving, so please don’t be impatient. 
  • Deserving the label friend by you when it’s appropriate and we’re at common ground will mean the world to me.
  • It would be a long yearned task I could finally cease.
Last thing to re-blog (hopefully), but this, is ever.so.accurate about me.
You know me better than the people I converse with, how frightening. o_O

Loneliness is a form of prison of its own to the mind and heart.

It seems that trying to search for that individual who I can connect with is futile. No matter how many individuals I encounter, how close I think I feel with them and how well I get along with them, they will never feel the same way I feel, how I think, how I observe. I realized it at 8 that I’ll always be alone, I should have never tried to be naive and force myself to think otherwise. If only loneliness didn’t try to accompany me daily, I could get used to journeying life as a loner for good.

I’m only a little stubborn though. 8D

It seems you are forever beyond my grasp.

When it comes to finding a friend, no matter how many individuals I encounter, how close I think I feel with them and how well I get along with them, they will never feel the same way I feel, how I think, how I observe. As beautiful and esoteric the human race is, so many make finding a friend as difficult as finding a needle in the ocean. My search for a friend will come to a end soon, it is better that way since desperately wanting to find a individual to call a friend is a wasted attempt.

I am me.

I am me, and that is all who I can be.

From my coarse, curly hair down to my size 9 feet.

I am still me.

My eyes view life through special lens.

My frangible, emotional heart is masked underneath a pseudo-apathetic exterior.

I stand indomitable to judging eyes and their vacant minds.

Despite hectic episodes that are feeling more repetitive, at the end of the day, I am still me.

My opinion of my body is a fluctuating roller coaster.

I always feel alone, even when I’m surrounded by people.

I absquatulate to my adoration of the arts to lull such pain, but it only aids temporary.

It’s an unorthodox remedy that seems to work for me. I know it is erratic, but it shows me just being me.

An outcast by choice, to guard my thinking and breathe clearly. A wise decision to stay secluded from the world’s fleeting sanity.

I am me.

I over-think. I worry about others more than myself. I yearn to make others smile, so they’d never feel as sad as me. Wanting to help the Earth and her inhabitants is a pivotal for me. Fear is my greatest enemy. I want to complete many avocations, but procrastination stalls me. I stray from finding a mate.

I am me.

I am a brewing medley of emotions. I keep it all within since on individual can relate to me.

Throughout my brobdingnagian, tedious seasons in my journey, smiling through it all and staying positive is working small wonders for me.

I am me.

I observe. I daydream. I battle a restless mind for what seems daily. I’m sensitive. I don’t relate to the ways of the world. I see beauty in everyone and everything. I’m a sumpsimus that loves order. I cherish innocence. I shun ignorance. I fall prey to hypocrisy. Your opinion of what I say and do means little to me.

I am me.

I am free.



Taurus doesn’t intentionally play hard to get.  It really all starts with the initial attraction.  We’re not drawn to one specific thing; you just have to catch our eye.  Taurus can be drawn to your charm, your style, your mystery, your swagger, your smile.  From there—we’re hooked.  We’ll sit around fantasizing about you.  Going through the what if this and what if that.  Essentially, we’re seeing how well you’ll fit into our life.  Might I add, the less we see you, the more we want you.  When we do get to talk to you, we’re super titillating and charming.  Rightfully so, you take our flirtatiousness as a sign of interest.  We start to see each other more, things get serious and BAM—we suddenly don’t like you anymore.  It’s inexplicable. You’re left wondering “why?” This thing—this distance—we have a hard time explaining why it happens.  As we all know, Taurus loves security.  You like us but, what’s next?  Can we trust you?  Questions like this cause us to shut down.  Taurus likes things that are real.  Sure, it’s fun to flirt in the beginning, but you being overly affectionate is inauthentic.  We want you to get to know us for us.  We desire a real love, and more than likely, this love your giving for no reason is a sign of immaturity.  Yes, Taurus is not an easy catch, but we’re a worthy pursuit.  Needless to say, if you’re persistent and essentially prove that you’re in this for the right reasons, Taurus will open up entirely.  The truth is, Taurus is one big surprise—we will surprise you with our love.  You’ll come to realize that Taurus is the missing piece to your life that you never knew was missing.

This is the most accurate thing i have read so far! ._.

I agree, it’s very accurate for me. :D

Trying to glue the shards back together.

I often wonder is there someone on this rotating sphere going through the same issue as me, over-thinking to a point that your head throbs from nerve clawing pain.
It feels as if it’s a broken record, replaying the toxins I wish that would stay buried.
I try to avoid the routine of being a slave to a thought or a memory, but it creeps up behind me and clings to my brain.
It’s become difficult thinking clearly, as if my storehouse is being forced to relive a plague that makes me question my morality.
The walls has shattered, cutting me deep and leaving me to shield my ears from the noise outside.
Diligently picking up the pieces to cement a stronger bungalow. I question what’s to become of me if I don’t succeed.

Amazing that a complete stranger describes and knows me better than the individuals I converse with. :(

The anniversary has come.

December 22, 2011 was when I first joined Tumblr out of curiosity, to see what was the hubbub about this particular site since my acquaintances on Facebook claim that this is an ‘amazing’ site.

From my time exploring this place, all I have seen throughout my 12 months on here were -

  • Easily accessible inappropriate pictures
  • People complain about the anonymous sending irritating comments (when you can clearly just disable people from using the anonymous option)
  • Constant posting of numerous, and sometimes uncountable photographs that the individual will probably forget later
  • An environment not too respecting of other opinions (especially the harmless opinions) and tends to blog about their comments
  • Dealing with a sometimes irritating layout of the dashboard and scrolling through it and not able to view all of your likes
  • Dealing with my backup blog and the need to change its password since it continues to say the password is wrong
  • Constant complaining from the youth about the site and how it ‘reigns’ over the other social networking sites

Besides the small peeves I’ve encountered here, I stayed because I’m a bit too lazy to delete it. That, and I have found many great blogs that discuss health tips, Yoga poses, inspirational quotes and historical events. I stay for them the most. I guess I can end this post by saying Happy Anniversary to me. :|