If I change my mind about dating, I hope I could have this one day. Nothing sexual, just a beautiful, deep spiritual connection with each other. Being in a world that’s stained with the constant thought of lust, it’ll be hard to find sadly. :(

Is it wrong that I’ve given up hope for mankind?

It just seems that nothing is going to change for many people in our race, as if we’re doomed to repeat history.

To be considered the most intelligent beings, many can’t even get along with each other or leave well enough alone. The level of tolerance, intelligence and comprehension skills seems to dwindle as time keeps progressing. I’m not sure if many want things to change the condition of how things are on this planet.

I would rather be complimented on my personality or actions than my looks.

It’s something that’s been irking me a little lately, about how [some] people mainly focus on an individual’s features more than their character. I don’t care for my looks, but when someone only points out that more than anything I’ve done, I wouldn’t be much interested in you.

From my observation, when a individual would make a statement, whether serious or not, someone would only comment on their appearance. Sometimes that would be their only comment for that person and nothing more. That individual could have a crude persona or whichever people would look down upon, but some will see what attracts their [lustful] eyes first before the important things. I don’t get why a lot of people are like that.

This is mostly a vent post, apathetic eyes can avert elsewhere.
тнαт’ѕ αll ι wαɴт ιɴ тнιѕ world (ɴeхт тo вeιɴɢ α ɢood perѕoɴ & ғollowιɴɢ мy proмιѕeѕ, αɴd ғor everyoɴe тo coмe тoɢeтнer αɴd ɴever нαтe). ι ɴever wαɴтed α ғrιeɴd ѕo вαdly ιɴ мy lιғe, αɴd ι нαrdly lιĸe people dυe тo вeιɴɢ leт dowɴ ѕo мυcн. α qυeѕт тнαт ѕнoυld вe тнe lαѕт oɴ мy lιѕт нαѕ αlwαyѕ вoтнered мe ѕo мυcн ѕιɴce ι wαѕ α ѕαplιɴɢ; ɴever нαvιɴɢ α ιɴdιvιdυαl ι cαɴ cαll ғrιeɴd αɴd ι perѕoɴαlly coυld coɴɴecт тo. ι ɢυeѕѕ loɴelιɴeѕѕ ιѕ ғιɴαlly ɢeттιɴɢ тo тнιѕ pαтнeтιc eхιѕтeɴce.
● I do love to be silly and random, but sometimes I want to have a stimulating, serious conversation once in a while, share each others point of view and never those lack of interested, slow to respond, one-word replies. That’s sometimes largely trite for most people these days & I never really experienced it, thus weak effort chats or something that doesn’t excite me enough.
● Sometimes, if you pique my interest a little, I’d post/comment a lot. Some dislike it and it’s understandable. I don’t mean to, I just happen to let my guard down a little since I found something I like about you and trying to see if I find the same mutual treatment. When I reply too much, usually that individual would not reply in return or just ‘forget’ to.
● Just like many other people, I try to always hold my end of a promise once I make one. I detest making promises I can’t keep. If I can’t honor it, I’ll give my all to make it up to you. I’ll stay in your corner as long as you need me to be. I won’t leave you when you’re at your worse since I know how that feels. I’ll assist you when you need advice or a helping hand.
I ponder whether my standards are too high when it comes to the qualifications for a person I want as a friend. Someone who’ll finally understand me. I just really want someone that will be my missing half to complete me. A luminance within each other that will never dim. A being that I’ll never grow bored of (thankfully I don’t grow bored quickly) and vice versa. A being that I can consider family. Someone standing beside me in good times and unflinched in bad times. That’s all this grief-stricken creature want, I hardly request anything else on this withering sphere. I’ll still stroll through the fog until I find that person, as long as it takes.
This is very true for many individuals and it’s pretty disappointing how someone could do that, especially if they had no intention to really interact with you unless you didn’t meet their physical standards.

I’ve been through that many times, a few times recently. Maybe I’m meant to keep my feeling repressed since I’ve doing so for years.

Many people don’t deserve the title parent.

Upon witnessing a lot of obscene and highly peculiar behavior from children and/or their ‘parents’ since my age was a single digit, I question why many of these so called adults procreated in the first place. Bringing another life into this world should be taken more serious to some people since their infant(s) are supposed to grow up and take apart of the world & its monopolies. A parent is a child’s guardian, their first teacher, their protector from harm. And for many to not see how important their duty is by being a good positive figure and teaching their children well and never become their ‘best friend’, an enabler, an excessive coddler, someone to be a maid for you or a punching bag for your physical/emotional issues, you should be stripped of the title until you earn it. Why some individuals are persistent on being labeled something they don’t deserve has always bemused me.

If you’re not going to raise your children properly or even stable enough to raise someone, you should be kept away from a young life until you’re seen fit enough to be up for the task. ᵗʰᶤˢ ᶤˢ ˢᵒᵐᵉᵗʰᶤᶰᵍ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ʷᵃˢ ᵒᶰ ᵐʸ ᵐᶤᶰᵈ˒ ᵖᵉᵒᵖˡᵉ ᶜᵃᶰ ᶤᵍᶰᵒʳᵉ ᵗʰᶤˢˑ

Many individuals in our species really needs to change their way of thinking.

- Many in our race worldwide has their mindset programmed in a terrible pattern. Passing on unacceptable mannerisms, not solving a problem beforehand until it is too late, how we treat someone and force-fed viewpoints throughout each century. I do not think some even plan to change the cycle also. It is saddening to know that hating someone’s appearance, something they can not control nor have asked to look that way will continue to stroll through more generations to come. Or overlooking what some consider small problems like mistreating a individual who is financial status is not the same as yours, or looking the other way when you see wrong happening. The list goes on.

- What will it take for people to let go of iniquities from our past such as being deceitful, intensely shallow, selfishness, rude, inconsiderate and filled with hatred I wonder.

[Many] People complain about the status of things happening in the world and do very little to take action. It is ridiculous to have hope for mankind it seems, but I still hope for something from our race to erect that spark of light in me that is burning out.

There should be some firm notions mankind everywhere should always agree on and abide with.

Tolerance is an important one. People throw around that word claiming they are, whether against one’s beliefs, ethnicity, religion practice or a general opinion. When it comes to being tested, so many (including me sometimes) have failed to present that that tolerance that [many often] praise. It may be a difficult task, but it’s not impossible to avoid being vehement and/or melodramatic towards a person & their behavior and point of view. Patience and tranquil is a card everyone should have in their deck for whenever they need it.

Education should be a main necessity in this world next to tolerance and respect. Not to mention everyone should have a right to receive it and not just those who have a piece of paper with ink on it. From small to large, past or current, bromidic or essential, people should crave to learn new information that could stimulate their cranium. Never shield your eyes nor cover your ears to something just because you’re uncomfortable with it or it threatens your viewpoint [most of the time in an non-negative way]. You’ll miss out a lot and be held in the dark if you do.

Respect is something many don’t give enough to everyone for [sometimes] unspecific reasons. It can be whether their appearance, personality, clothing or their existence altogether. For those who do that; you require it from the opposite party, why can’t you give in return? You may not like an individual, but showing that you can be the bigger person and not let particular actions phase you.

Unity, and not just with people you feel comfortable around, but with everyone. Imagine how our race would advance together if we set aside inane excuses as to why we can’t get along with our fellow man and for once help each other. Such a task shouldn’t be treated as if it’s an impossible challenge.

A blog is an online diary. Your personal timeline of listed content of your choice.

❥ I forgot the definition of the term blog long ago and remembered recently after checking the dictionary. Upon relearning that, I never thought I’d make a blog since there’s nothing really interesting to publish about me or any events that took place in my life. I do though want to look back on my past and past activities that I’ve done one day, so I have given this online diary some more thought. 

❥ When I joined on December 22, I didn’t expect to stay long since I joined out of curiosity due to the hype from other kids and hearing from others how it differs to other social network sites. To be honest, it pretty much does since there seems to be an increasing number of individuals here who treat the site as a race for popularity, by re-blogging various photos and wanting likes, promos and the most followers, straying away from the main point of a blog truly is. To each their own though, as it is the person’s choice after all on this site to do what they please, but I refuse to take apart of such a pointless, childish behavior. I don’t care for likes, followers nor popularity since that’s not what I’m here for.

❥ But besides all of that, I do like my own blog, since I’m shaping it into something memorable for me. I’m seeing it as a little of my life story in the form of a timeline. I do ponder on what it’ll be filled with in the future if I don’t desert it…

I see my poems as pieces of my soul.

- Poetry is a way to express life, love, anything you enjoy in a special viewpoint that you see with the world.

Invisible is me … the one who blends within the crowds … camouflaged in their presence and voices … I’m the unwanted third wheel. 

- That is an old poem I haven written last year and it expresses how lonely I feel around people and how others have made me feel as if I was invisible. I still feel that way today on a unrelated note, but this is my expressive example to show my current, painful experience in life.

- Anyone can write a poem and it should be encouraged more. Show a individual or the world how you view someone or something.

This is how I feel about a few people right now, offline and online. This site included.

I wonder sometimes would this site still be popular among the young crowd if the Tumblr staff were to remove the reblog feature.

Probably not. I personally would not care, but to see others complain about it would be humorous. There is more than sitting in front of the computer adding photos from another blog to your own, but I guess people on this site use their time however they wish.

I ponder on what will happen if the re-blog feature was to be removed, how will users react. I expect to hear people complain and nothing more, since the internet is now a haven for individuals to vent or complain and be idle.

It’s a pity what people can get away with today.

So much has been cramming into my cranium lately. I’ll write some in my journal of thoughts here to relieve my mind of constantly thinking about it.

I think people really need to make sure that their identity is not in jeopardy online. After my sister discovered me and the a few of our relatives names and addresses were posted online on a few sites, it’s gotten me to be disgusted with the internet even more. It saddens me that someone would go through the trouble of doing such a thing. I’m pretty thankful that she decided to search our names through Google out of curiosity.

I think others should try it as well, to make sure that someone hasn’t posted personal information without your consent somewhere.

I was trying to restrain from reblogging for a while, but this post is definitely accurate for me right now so I’ll add it to my journal.
I do apologize to the people I converse with time to time and I come off as a bit clingy. If you intrigue me, I’ll let my guard down a little and try to get to know you. Due to past experiences, I want to enjoy every second I get with you as well. I’m improving on that since semi-clingy behavior isn’t my style.